Various types of ends available on handmade hose.

Straight or Plain Ends are generally furnished on wrapped hose with wire reinforcing unless otherwise specified. The plain end is obtained by merely cutting hose to a specific length.

Soft Ends are available on all wire reinforced hand-built hoses. The soft end has all the construction elements except the wire. Soft ends permit leakproof clamping of hose because the wire does not overlap the coupling shank.

Capped Ends are obtained by vulcanizing a rubber ring over the exposed carcass fabric. This seal prevents wicking action by exposed carcass fabric.

Enlarged Ends are available on all hand-built hose whether wire reinforced or wrapped plied. The hose end is enlarged to accommodate a larger size coupling shank.

Beaded Ends can be supplied on any smooth bore hand-built hose. Normally used to handle abrasive materials or chemicals. Split rings allow easy installation, easy bolt hole alignment and quick hose rotation which aids in long life.

Duck & Rubber Flanges are rubber flanges with steel back-up rings built into the hose. Rubber coating on the flange is the same as the tube stock which is determined by the type of hose service. The flanged ends provide a liquid tight seal when bolted to a mating flange. Specify flange drilling when ordering.

Swaged-On Couplings Swaged-On Couplings of many styles can be attached to many types of hose constructions. The swaged coupling becomes an integral part of the hose to provide exceptional strength and holding power.

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